Spring 2018 news

Some highlights from the last few months:


  • Alix and Frederic were in Clermont-Ferrand at Irstea April 10-12 for the Temporal Network working group meeting of the GDR TheoMoDive. We enjoyed good team spirit and discovered a nice new brew (thanks Franck Jabot for organizing!).
  • Frederic gave a presentation in the Biostatistics seminar at ISPED / Bordeaux Population Health centre on the 23rd:  “Inferring interactions between species using time series of population counts and multivariate autoregressive models”


  • Laure is now back to work after her maternity leave – welcome back Laure!
  • Frederic visited the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics in Bilbao – awesome place – for a workshop on population dynamics & epidemiology, and then went back to Clermont for the annual meeting of ANR DEMOCOM coordinated by Olivier Gimenez, with whom Frederic closely works on multispecies demography (see DEMOCOM news for more).
  • Clément Girault started his masters training period with Laure and Mario Lepage at Irstea. Clément studies the relationships between fish diversity in Bordeaux Metropolis and anthropogenic pressures (including land use and chemical contamination). He works with the local fishing association and Irstea, and sweats for producing nice maps and spatial analyses with QGIS and R, with the help of Yohan and Nils Teichert (Irstea)


  • Laure gave a seminar (June 15) at the LabEx Cote Summer School. The theme this year was ‘Interactions between ecosystems and urban-rural fringes’, so Laure talked about the BiodiverCity project, the challenges related to the obtention of multi-taxa biodiversity indices, and developments in urban ecology for our region.
  • Bachar Tarraf successfully defended his MSc Thesis (June 14) with Frederic at the Institute of Mathematics of Bordeaux. Bachar worked on stage-structured predator-prey systems, and analysed mathematically the models that Olivier and Fred are very busy trying to fit to data. Bachar will move on to new mathematical biology research for a PhD at INRIA. Congratulations Bachar!


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