Coralie Picoche

Photo_CoralieI am an ecology modeler working at the interface between biological studies and programming. I focus on mathematical and computer tools to formalize ecological concepts or challenge theoretical models by confronting them to data. My training and, beyond that, my interest are therefore more focused on techniques and problem-solving than on specific ecosystem matters .

This reflects in my background: I have worked on several subjects (shellfish aquaculture, fishery management, plankton community) at different scales (individual-based to end-to-end models), in different places (from South Africa to Berkeley). A special taste for the marine environment has led me to apply a lot of different tools to this environment, but this has not kept me from working on completely theoretical models, or on bioenergy crops. Currently I use autoregressive models and other time series methods to study phytoplankton dynamics.

My main concern is to make my work useful: to researchers first, by helping them extract knowledge from their data and beyond that model their concepts; but also and above all to society in general. I am especially interested in working with stakeholders from different levels of the community and help them take more informed decisions.

Models I have participated in:

DEB-Mytilus edulis




Contact : coralie (dot) picoche (at) u-bordeaux (dot) fr