Frederic Barraquand

I am a quantitative ecologist, with interests ranging from population dynamics or coexistence theory to the statistical analysis of time series.

Most of my research deals with ecological barraquand2018_photointeractions in a dynamic setting (and sometimes a spatially explicit one). Some more details in my personal webpage.

Current projects include time series methods to infer causal relationships, understanding cyclic dynamics in insect pests, and what drives phytoplankton community dynamics.

Selected publications:

Barraquand F., Louca S., Abbott K.C., Cobbold C., Cordoleani F., DeAngelis D., Elderd B.D., Fox J.W., Greenwood P., Hilker F.M., Lutscher F., Murray D., Stieha C.R., Taylor R.A., Vitense K., Wolkowicz G. & Tyson R.C. Moving forward in circles: challenges and opportunities in modelling population cycles. Ecology Letters. 2017, 20(8) ,1074–1092.

Barraquand F. & Yoccoz N.G. When can environmental variability benefit population growth ? Counterintuitive effects of nonlinearities in vital rates. Theoretical Population Biology. 2013, 89, 1-11.

Barraquand F. & Murrell D.J. Scaling up predator-prey dynamics with spatial moment equations. Methods in ecology and evolution. 2013, 4, 276–289.

Barraquand F. & Benhamou S. Animal movements in heterogeneous landscapes: identifying profitable places and homogeneous movement bouts. Ecology. 2008, 89, 3336-3348.