Phytoplankton dynamics

In collaboration with Ifremer Arcachon, we work on phytoplankton community dynamics, especially diatoms (one of the most abundant classes of plankton, actively involved in biogeochemical cycles).

We are particularly interested in:

  • Drivers of blooms
  • Coexistence mechanisms

Our research combines long-term data with statistical and theoretical models.

Our analyses of the time series in Arcachon Bay can be found in Barraquand et al. 2018, Oikos.

Example of the dynamics of one of the most abundant genera at different spots in Arcachon Bay

We are also involved in a metabarcoding phytoplankton inventory project funded by Labex COTE (MALABAR), with BioGeCo, Ifremer and EPOC.

View from the field for MALABAR